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Healthy Cooking with SteakStones

Careful about what you eat? SteakStones allows you to cook delicious and healthy meals in the comfort of your own home. Our versatile Home Stone Cooking System is the best way to prepare fresh, wholesome dining experience for you and your guests. Chose a premium cut steak or fish fillet, garnish with some seasonal vegetables and enjoy the mouthwatering fusion of natural flavours. With our SteakStones sets you can also create a variety of scrumptious vegetarian options. And, for a taste of Asia, try our SteakStones Bowl for healthy and impressive rice dishes. We think it is the best way to enjoy a memorable meal without having to compromise on health benefits.

SteakStones For Restaurants

Hot stone cooking methods is one of the latest trends in contemporary cooking. SteakStones are now appearing in some of the most innovative restaurants around the world. Steak on the Stone Company LTD has successfully marketed the pioneering gastronomic elevation of our hot stone cooking sets as we firmly believe that our products rivals conventional cooking methods.

What makes our hot stone cooking products so distinctive is that they are forged from natural lava stone, this material makes general surface cooking extremely practical because it locks in all the juices of the food making it mouth-wateringly appealing and bespoke cooking of your favourite foods or menu dishes easily achievable. Ideal for cooking poultry steaks and vegetables SteakStones’ non-stick surfaces can be credited to their honed finish which makes cooking on the stones quick and easy. Historically a Native American cooking method hot stones are a tried and tested cooking appliance which is why our SteakStones products can enrich any restaurant’s menu.

Presenting food on one of the SteakStones is also something that many of our restaurant clientele have adopted. The stones also keep the food warm and ideal serving temperature means no more hot plates. This presentation method is excellent from a dinner’s perspective too as it adds visual drama to what already is excellently cooked food.

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