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Fighting the bulge is something I advocate but, people tend to resent every ounce of bodily fat that may prevent them from squeezing into a size zero outfit. Unless you are one of those sub-humans with a genetic ability to automatically bypass eating food on a regular basis, welcome to the human race.

Our bodies are all unique which means weight gain is a natural process, weight loss is not. I’d like to scream this fact to all of those pavement pounders I see running around in their droves desperately trying to shed their unsightly bulges. It takes a specific type of exercise routine to target fat on different parts of the body. I like the idea of exercising to keep in shape but, I do not like people’s idea of this zero fat policy. This idea has been implanted into their minds by gimmicky so called exercise gurus with their food portion control strategies that make people feel almost guilty for even drinking water.

The best clients I have worked with in the past understand that weight loss takes a lot of commitment and determination. They are ready to put in all of the work and effort to achieve their ideal weight goals…not to just jog about obsessively and expect a miracle.

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