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We all have heard of the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in regards to driving traffic to your website. However, an estimate of 40%-70% of web users do not speak fluent English, therefore your website’s keywords are meaningless to them. Targeting your audience in their native language is a sure way to increase your business revenue, which is especially beneficial for the hospitality sector.

Multilingual Website Optimization is a service helping hotels accommodate the needs of their international clientele. The ability to view and book your hotel in the comfort of their own language sends a positive message to your customers. Moreover, thanks to the Multilingual Website Optimization you can dramatically increase the presence of your website in international web search engines. On today’s competitive market targeting international audiences is a necessity.

Multilingual Website Optimization is not solely about translating your website and keywords to another language. The most important part is understanding and responding to cultural differences. A thorough research will help you understand the way your customers are thinking, so you can tailor your services to their needs.

At eHotelworks we are dedicated to helping hotels expand their business to a global electronic marketplace. Our Multilingual Website Optimization tool is an effective way to target international audiences and make them feel appreciated. Speaking your clients language is the easiest way to be recognized regardless of the geographic region. Moreover, our Multilingual Website Optimization services include hosting websites on local servers which will increase your website’s ranking in the local search engines.

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