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How To Write A CV

Your Curriculum Vitae , or CV , has to be special if you want it to stand out from the many others which an employer usually receives. Remember that it represents an advertisement for yourself, highlighting your background and your qualities. As such, it should be accurate and use simple language, with clear indications of your achievements and how you achieved them.


The first rule for how to write your CV is that there are no absolute rules. The perfect CV probably does not exist, but a near-perfect example could take at least a day to produce. It will be worth the effort. Most people do not know how to write a CV well, but you still need to stand out from those that do. There are several different types of CV, but most of them follow a similar format.

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You should start with your profile, a brief sketch of yourself which instantly conveys that you are a relevant candidate for the job. You obviously should aim to stimulate the reader enough to want to read further. Many candidates who do not know how to write a CV properly will fail at this hurdle, and the time you spend perfecting these few lines at the top of your CV will be well worthwhile.

CV Layout

Other elements you should be aware of if you do not know how to write your CV are the layout, which should be easy on the eye, with plenty of white space around the text, and the sequence that the format normally follows. After your persuasive introductory statement comes your employment history, starting with the most recent, and probably most relevant, employment.

Student CVs

If you are a student or a recent graduate then you would replace with this section with a list of your achievements which you believe are in line with the job in question. Start with the strongest point in your favour, and if you are able to add four or five others then this will be beneficial. Your academic qualifications would come next. If you already have a degree, then there is no need to list all of your qualifications below A-level. Any other relevant experience or responsibilities should also be highlighted here.

Your Curriculum Vitae should not normally cover more than two or three A4 pages unless specifically requested. If you know how to write a CV, this will be full of the most powerful information possible to attract the attention of your potential employer.

CV Writing Service

As with most important persuasive writing, it is also important to seek help with curriculum writing. Such help is available 24 hours a day all year round at online academic assistance sites such as GrammarHolic, and proofreading is a single example of the type of resume help which can be vital. If there is a final rule of how to write your CV, it is that your CV should be proofread by at least one other person. Remember, computer spell checkers do not find every mistake.