Free Diagnosis

Grammarholic’s free diagnosis allows us to conduct a fast and simple assessment on the current structure of your grammar and punctuation within your Reports, CV, Dissertation, Thesis or any other type of academic document. We do not construct any editing or proofreading just offer advice on grammar and punctuation weaknesses within your submitted document.


Grammar Check

We concentrate on providing professional proofreading and editing services to all students, and we can proofread and edit your essay writing in a matter of hours. Do not let your intelligence get lost amongst poor punctuation and grammar; the most brilliant theorists can be misunderstood if their work is not expressed coherently.


Our qualified team of proofreaders and editors will draw attention to any faults or spelling and grammar anomalies in your submitted document, and will suggest changes that will develop the standard and clarity of your work.


What will you


Our professional proofreaders and editors will identify any mistakes or spelling and grammar anomalies inside your document, and suggest changes that can enhance the clarity of your work. You are able to choose whether or not to accept the adjustments the editors has proposed inside your work with the "track changes" function in Microsoft Word. You've got complete control of changes in your document.


Our team of professional editors are experts based in the UK, Canada and USA that will never plagiarise or ghost write your academic document. They will edit your hard work for clarity, flow and consistency.