Updated: Sep 6, 2018

From the very start of my academic life, essay was associated with my education and I went through this niche till the completion of my 📷education. This is a form of writing in which you can express your personal views about any given topic. So it will be most appropriate to say that essay is a form of writing that makes you learn to express your opinions, beliefs and perspective about anything. This is actually a creative activity among students to turn their imagination into words.

In most of the countries, essay is an essential and main part of education and special essay writing training is provided to students to improve their writing skills. This is not only a part of formal education at secondary level but essay is also considered an essential medium of composition at University or graduate level education. It isn’t an easy task to write an essay, it needs special training and skills to compose this piece of writing. Below given are few valuable tips to write an essay:


  1. The most important point in essay writing is your knowledge about the topic. Facts and figures must be accurate and never try to use fake information while writing an essay.

  2. Essay is considered one of the most powerful medium to express your personal views about a topic so never try to plagiarize or copy from somewhere. It must be unique and should consist of your personal consideration.

  3. Essay writing needs proper research and this creative activity demands a relevant and profound knowledge about the subject.

  4. While writing an essay, avoid headings and bullet points. You just need to discuss various aspects, pros and cons, critical outlook and suggestion about given topic. So you need to take a start from an introductory paragraph and must ends at conclusion with main body paragraph in the middle of these two paragraphs.

  5. You need to provide strong evidence from various authentic resources to express a logical opinion about given topic.

  6. Use of quotations can be helpful to demonstrate a point well. Therefore it could be supportive to add quotations and example to make a point clear to your readers.

  7. Avoid using speech abbreviations such as ‘cant’ and ‘don’t’, try o use full words while writing an essay.

  8. Essay is formal writing form therefore, always use formal language and avoid journalistic approach in essay writing.

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