Nursing Extended Essay (Literature Review) Sample           

Nursing Practice Inquiry, School of Health and Education


Learning Outcomes;


  • Critically appraise the fundamental theories and concepts along with contemporary debates underpinning the subject, illustrating understanding of the relationship between theory and research.
  • Demonstrate the systematic searching, organisation, handling, critical selection, analysis and synthesis of a wide variety of different data and information sources.
  • Critically appraise and evaluate the arguments evident in the literature and/or alternative sources of evidence pertaining to the chosen topic of study.
  • Articulate the review question and data collection methods, using an appropriate theoretical framework, appraise the quality of the research evidence
  • Exhibit critical insight into ethical concerns which may arise when planning, conducting and disseminating both primary and secondary research.
  • Construct critical and reasoned argument based on the analysis of the findings



What is an Extended Essay Literature Review? 


Nursing Extended Essay, Literature Review

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