Pollution Case Study Essay Sample           

Public Health, Msc Enviroment and Health, Pollution & Health Protection.


Learning Outcomes;


  • Critically evaluate the sources of pollution in the 3 environmental compartments and their effects on human health and the environment.
  •  Determine the processes necessary to manage and control pollution and waste and their place in wider strategic planned interventions.
  •  Justify the most appropriate course of action to ameliorate the effects of various types of pollution.


Learning materials;

  • Hester, R. E., Harrison, R. M. (2006), Chemicals in the environment: assessing and managing risk - Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Alley, E. Roberts (2007) Water quality control handbook
  • Horan, N.J. (1993), Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems; John Wiley & Sons Bitton G. (2005). Wastewater Microbiology. 3rd edition. Wiley-Liss 4th edition. Bitton, G. (2011). Wastewater microbiology. 4rd ed. Wiley-Blackwell. Bitton, G. (2014) Microbiology of Drinking Water Production and Distribution. Wiley and Sons
  • Feachem, R.G., Bradley, D.J., Garelick H and Mara, D.D. (1983). Sanitation and disease: health aspects of excreta and wastewater management. John Wiley & Sons.



Public Health Pollution Case Study

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