Tourism & Hospitality Management Project Sample           

Hospitality Management with Travel and Tourism modules.


Project Task;

Investigative Project in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry


You are required to conduct a secondary research project for a strategic issue of a Tourism or Hospitality organisation or destination of your choice. You may utilise any company, sector, function or industry. This assignment represents 80% of the overall module marks and covers Learning Outcomes 1-5.


Learning Outcomes;


  • Critically analyse the application of various theoretical models of strategic management in differing organisational contexts
  • Develop a critically informed understanding of the strategic decisions which are critical in particular situations
  • Synthesise knowledge of a range of management functions into critical aspects of strategy and the strategic process.
  • Critically evaluate the impact of the business environment on the success of an organisation.
  • Formulate recommendations to support relevant future strategic plans for a hospitality or tourism organisation.


Tourism & Hospitality Management Project Sample

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